Emma likes to dance!

January 1, 2008

I got another report on Emma’s progress. Here are some cute pictures of her dancing! This was the photo caption from the man who checks in on the foster children, “I can rock my buns, left, left, right, right, go, turn around. Go! Go! Go!” Click to see them larger.

dec30_1.jpg dec30_2.jpg dec30_3.jpg

Here are some of Emma’s updates:

“Little Emma is active, smart and beautiful. She likes playing outside with other buddies. She couldn’t walk steadily when entering the family. But now she can run fast.”

“Little Emma has almost full teeth and can speak and run. She can eat by herself. This time she has learned something. She can follow some simple instructions, such as squat yourself down, clean your mouth, stand up. The moment I left her home, she even waved goodbye to me. She is great, isn’t she?”


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