Gracie Update

January 22, 2008

Hello everyone! Today I got a new update on Gracie. I got two pictures and a report of her progress in school. I think these were taken on Jan 7 and Jan 8 based on the photo’s file name.



The first picture looks like she just came in from the cold! She second picture she looks much happier (she she is standing in front of a Christmas tree).  I am very happy to say that her report is great and she is really improving.  It says she loves coming to school, she is now talking with the other students, is participating, she knows basic shapes, colors, and can count to ten! In her first report most of the columns were checked off in the “unable or never” column. Now most of her checks are in “confidently or improving”. This makes me so happy. This shows how important our fundraiser was and how much help it has given her.

As you may know, I have a shop on Etsy. I have been working on a special handbag and $10 from every bag sold will go towards Gracies next sponsorship so she can stay in school. Right now I have seven bags made but I need to sewn many more! When I put them on Etsy I will make a post about it.

Also, I still have not sent the package. With the holidays I was unable to pay for the shipping cost. I think I will be shipping everything a little at a time. This way it won’t cost so much up front.  I’ll let you know in the next post.


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