Emma’s new Update

January 31, 2008

I received updated information and photos of little Emma. The photos show her in her new coat & pants, with the man that checks on the children and does the updates, and her eating cake. You’ll also notice her shaved head, this is common in Chinese orphanages so I guess the foster family continues it. Click the photos for larger sizes.

Emma Updated Photos

Emma Updated Photos

Emma Updated Photos

Here are some highlights from her update:

“Emma is active, smart and beautiful. She has been smiling all the time when receiving the New Year’s present and she always holds the precious gift in her hands. The moment she sees you, she is always smiling at you! I hugged her unbearably! What a good lambkin!”

“Emma has almost full teeth and can speak and run. She can eat by herself. This time she gave me another surprise. When I wanted to help her put on the coat, she stretched out her arms. The moment I left, she waved goodbye to me. What an intelligent girl!”

It also said she had a cold and was taken to the SWI (doctor/clinic) but shes all better now. Her birthday is next month! I don’t know what day but she will be turning two next month. She sure is doing well, thanks to all your donations.


One Response to “Emma’s new Update”

  1. Elsita said

    Emma is sooo precious!!
    i love her expression!
    elsita 🙂

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