Emma’s New Update

March 1, 2008


This is a bit long so click the “read more” to see her report.

This is the email I got from the coordinator of the foster care.

Dear Melissa,

I am attaching your February report on little Emma.
Even though she was asleep when Li Jia visited this
month, he did get some great stories about her life
with the foster family.  I love that her brothers are
so protective of her!

I hope you all had a wonderful Chinese New Year
celebration with your families.  Our Xinxiang monitor,
Li Jia, visited the families this month over his
Chinese New Year trip to visit his own family.  So all
of these reports were done over the Chinese New Year
holiday, which explains why so many of the children
are sporting their new clothing they received for just
this occasion.

The children all seem to be doing well this month,
except for a few minor illnesses.  Several of the
children who were not strong enough to walk or stand
are now showing great progress in their families.
They are supporting themselves, and walking with
assistance!  Such progress comes with the one-on-one
attention they are getting, and it is music to my ears
to know they are achieving these developmental

I am leaving in exactly one week to begin my trip to
China.  We will start our trip in the Henan Province,
where we will conduct a Special Needs Training in
partnership with the provincial Civil Affairs, and
twenty-nine orphanages are planning on attending.
Local officials will be there to facilitate
international adoption paperwork, and Chinese doctors
will present the most common special needs and the
care needed for them.  When the training is complete,
we will visit all of the Foster Care programs in the
province that Love Without Boundaries facilitates.

I just cannot wait to visit the children in the
Xinxiang program, and I will have firsthand reports
for each of you when I return.  We will provide a gift
to each of the foster families when we visit, but if
you have a special request for your child while we are
there I will do my best to complete it on your behalf.

Let me know as soon as possible as I will be leaving
March 6.

As always, your support is making a huge difference in
your child’s life!

Here are some excerpts from the report:

Emma is active, smart and beautiful. This time I did the visit, the foster parent
told me something interesting about her. She can call “Dad and Mum”, and she
can also tell man and woman. What makes me laugh to tears is that she calls
every male “Dad”, including her brother. And she calls every female “Mum”,
including her sister. What a lovely girl! And when she plays outside, her brothers
are always on guard, not allowing others to do bad to her. Little Emma is a
princess here!

The photo is precious of her napping. I emailed Nancy, the coordinator, to see if I could mail her something small that she could take to Emma when she visits. I hope so!


One Response to “Emma’s New Update”

  1. Francesca said

    She’s so cute! Nice report as well! Thanks for the updates!

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