How Much?

March 10, 2008

If you are wondering how much money we need to raise, I have the answers! I would like to raise about $900. This is how it is broken down:

  • Gracie: her sponsorship sends her to preschool. It currently cost $20 a month, so we need to raise $240 (her’s may be more this time but we’ll see)
  • Emma: her sponsorship gives her a foster family. It cost $35 a month, so we need to raise $420
  • I would love to sponsor another child for school. I really love LWB’s education programs and with me becoming a teacher, education holds a special place in my heart. To sponsor a child for school it cost $20-$25 a month, so we need to raise $240- $300
  • If we raise more than $900 then the extra will go towards a child’s medical care.
  • If we don’t raise enough money Emma & Gracie will get as many months of sponsorship as possible. But lets not allow that to happen!!

I put a new section in the side bar that will keep track of the amount of money donated. You can donate any amount via PayPal or buy a Gracie Bag and $10 goes to the fundraiser. Paypal donations of any amount are appreciated. I’m sure the amount raised section won’t change too much until the end of May when we have the auction on eBay.


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