Baby News!

October 27, 2007

I got an email last night from Love Without Boundaries. Here is some of the email regarding Kyle that was sponsored for a foster family:
“The child you had chosen to sponsor has already had his paperwork
filed for International Adoption. The team made the decision while
they were there to not put him through two moves in such a short
period of time – from the orphanage, to a foster family, and then back
to the orphanage prior to his adoption (most provinces require this
last move before the child is adopted).
They felt it was really in the best interest of the child to leave him
in one place since his adoption is upcoming.”

“They were able to select another child for placement in foster care,
and they chose the cute little girl whose picture I am attaching. She is 20 months old, and the team said she is very responsive and cute.”

I decided to go ahead and sponsor the little girl they have chosen. I picked Emma has her western/program name. Here she is!

polaroid1.jpg polaroid2.jpg


Gracie & Kyle

October 9, 2007


These are the two children we have sponsored. Kyle is now able to have a foster family and Gracie will be able to attend preschool. Both children are two years old. I was able to choose a name for Gracie and I choose her name because it means blessed. I feel that it is a blessing we were able to raise so much money for her and Kyle. This is the info that was on LWB’s website when I sponsored Kyle, “Kyle is a sweet little boy who needs to have the chance to grow and thrive in a family. Kyle has had his cleft lip repaired, but he needs to concentrate on gaining some weight.”
This is Gracie’s info, “This lovable two-and-a-half year old girl from Anhui is ready to start attending the new Believe in Me III Preschool. She is so ready to learn a lot!”
Today I was given the first report on Gracie. In this report it says she is 3, she must of had a birthday.
There are rules on what can be posted about the children, to protect their privacy. I will not be posting the full reports on the children. It does say she walks in line to the beat of music and she likes collecting toys dropped by other children. How cute! It will be interesting to see how much she improves when I get the next report.

Love Without Boundaries had this to say, “Along with LWB’s Assistant Education Director, I will be traveling to Believe in Me III in early November and hope to get lots of pictures to share when I return! Your sponsorship has allowed a wonderful child this opportunity at education. Thank you so much!”

I will be posting again when I get updates on the children.