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Paypal: You can donate money via PayPal by clicking here. Donated money that is given when there is not a fundraiser currently going will go towards things like coats & food for the children in the orphanages. If you donate during a fundraiser then the money will be added to that. Thank You!


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If you want to donate a product please read all the info below. Then click the link at the bottom to fill out a form.

I am now in the process of collecting items for the next Craft for China fundraiser. The next fundraiser will be in the spring or early summer of 2008. The fundraiser will either be an online eBay auction or I will have a table at a local fair and sell the items. It all depends on how much stuff gets donated. I will let everyone know in advance which way the fundraiser will go. The main goals of this fundraiser is to raise enough money for our Gracie to attend school for another year, for Emma to stay in her foster home, and sponsor another child for school. This will all be done through Love Without Boundaries.

All handmade items, art work, vintage things, and supplies (beads, fabric, scrapbook things, etc.) can be submitted. Please note: the item(s) you donate do not have to have an Asian, Chinese, or adoption theme. When the item you donate sells 100% of the money it raised will go to sponsoring children at Love Without Boundaries. I will post updated information and photos of the children we sponsor on this website as soon as I receive them. I want people to see how their talent, time & money has helped the children. Everyone who donates or buys items will be notified whenever there are updates or has input on decisions about the children, for example giving them western names for their program. Any items you donate that don’t sell will be kept for the next auction.

If you decide to participate you are committing to donating at least one handmade item (but I’ll accept as many items as you want to donate), the item(s) have to be shipped to Maryland (I’ll give you the address once you commit to donating), items have to be mailed by the deadline (which will be given to you) and you commit to blogging about the auction and/or spreading the word of the fundraiser elsewhere.

When I get your response saying you want to join I will email you with some more details (where to ship the package, etc.) and I will add your store’s url to this website if you want.

If you have decided to donate your handmade product(s) please go here to fill out a form. If you have problems with the form you can email me at craftforchina@gmail.com

Thank you!


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  1. Kelly Tang said

    Hi Melissa,
    I’d like to contribute to the second fundraiser as well!!


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